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Hey Skytonites! It's Jan 12, 2017 and we have a New Song for you !!! Lonely Holiday!!!
On the radio in Spain: Plastico Elastico
Two fabulous "techno" remixes of our song "On My Mind" by John Girgus (Legendary House Cats)iTunes OR bandcamp
Darius creates a new genre! Shedshred!
Groovy tunage!!!

Check out our chill vibe cover of John Lennon's "Oh my love"

Groovy Pictures, Chill paintings and the Vibey gifs
Lonely Holiday album cover tristonian drummer bassplayer Skytone Background

Download the album here:Skytone Live @ the Fishfry

Plus a limited number of "Fishfry" CD's are still available at the Beautifulmusic warehouse and are ready to be shipped to your door. Get them while they last!
A little backyard gig a while back...it was raining...just two electric guitars and a drum machine
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Skytone 2017. Janglewave is here to stay!!!